Below are some example appilications that we have comepleted over the last few years

Production Monitoring

  • Automatic record and display of production data such as parts made, cycle times , OEE, Down time etc.
  • System can be directly interfaced with production machinery
  • Display options include shop floor TV displays, or mobile phones
  • Displayed via internal Web site – no application needed
  • Can be migrated to the cloud

SPC Data capture

  • Capture data from measurement systems as well as manual gauged such as Vernier’s, micrometres depth gauged etc.
  • Automatic calculations of SPC data, trends and QC values
  • Reporting and alerts

Mobile Data collection

  • Collect data in the field, send it to et cloud for in house reports, database applications or records keeping
  • Barcode reading in the field
  • Product traceability
  • Returns and collections

Easy Log Quality bench Software

Easy to use, fast and reliable EasyLog can record data from Vernier’s, micrometres , multipoint gauges or scales to provide trend analysis, SPC data and automatic alerts directly to your Inbox. Data can be recorded against part numbers, works orders and be interfaced to existing ERP system data

Reports and dashboards

  • Customisable dashboards that can link to virtually any data source
  • Can be displayed on your Intranet, in the could, or on your mobile.
  • Automatic report generation and scheduled emailing of data


  • Take advantage of the latest technologies by streaming data to the cloud for automatic analytics and reporting.
  • Use Machine Learning to predict trends
  • Interface analytics to dashboards either on premises or in the cloud