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Data driven solutions to drive business

We at Vitech believe in data and the information it provides, but most importantly we know businesses can gain insights, solve issues and improve performance by recording and using their own data.

So why


We at Vitech believe in data and the information it provides, but most importantly we know businesses can gain insights, solve issues and improve performance by recording and using their own data.

Vitech can design and develop custom software packages to allow you to identity the trends which effects your business. These can be in the form of custom databases, low cost  ERP systems, CRM packages, stock control, data logging systems, quality control packages, MI dashboards, to name but a few.

If you have own software in place, we offer bespoke addons which can be utilised to extend its capability, or even make your systems do what you thought they’d do, when you first bought it.

So how do we achieve all this? Well we use the latest database technologies, coupled with reporting, business intelligence and machine learning to provide systems which really deliver the results you need. What makes us different, is unlike off the shelf packages we can allow the functionality and user interface of our systems to be designed by you, the user. This results in easy to use, very commercially friendly solutions which will free up resources, expand capability and improve efficiencies within your business, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse with well informed factual data.

Our clients range from micro business and start-ups through to SME’s up to large global brands and cover both commercial and industrial sectors across a wide variety of industries.


  • Production Monitoring Dashboards
  • SPC data capture
  • Mobile data collection
  • Measurement Systems
  • Product Tracking and traceability
  • IOT


  • Stock control and barcoding
  • Custom CRM Systems
  • Cost effective ERP
  • Industry specific databases
  • Reports and dashboards

Special Projects

  • Custom databases
  • Data Analytics and Reports
  • Web reports and BI
  • IOT
  • Cloud based data and reporting

Nicola Finch, Reconditioned Product and Field Sales Manager Karcher (UK) Ltd

“We’ve worked with Nigel from Vitech on a new barcode scanning system and are very pleased with the speed of response, proactive approach and level of service we have received – and we appreciate his use of plain English rather than jargon as can sometimes be the case when working with IT specialists!”

Peter Lee, Director Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd

“Vitech have worked with us on a number of projects over many of years have always brought a high level of software capability, combined with in an in depth understanding of machine interfacing to our projects.”

Steve O'Conner, Technical Director Strip Tinning Automotive Ltd

“Vitech uniquely deliver precise technical solutions that are very commercially friendly”



Vitech recently designed and installed a bespoke monitoring software for a major lighting component manufacturer. The system automatically records cycle times from two, 5 stage production lines and produces production reports which display machine efficiencies and allow the comparison of production data by shift, job, product or machine. Vitech produced testing software for a major automotive parts manufacturer for the testing of electronic actuators for large turbo waste gates. The system sent various movement commands via CAN bus to the actuator and then recorded responses such as movement accuracy, response time, serial numbers, and software versions..

Example Applications

Below are some example appilications that we have comepleted over the last few years

Production Monitoring

  • Automatic record and display of production data such as parts made, cycle times , OEE, Down time etc.
  • System can be directly interfaced with production machinery
  • Display options include shop floor TV displays, or mobile phones
  • Displayed via internal Web site – no application needed
  • Can be migrated to the cloud

SPC Data capture

  • Capture data from measurement systems as well as manual gauged such as Vernier’s, micrometres depth gauged etc.
  • Automatic calculations of SPC data, trends and QC values
  • Reporting and alerts

Mobile Data collection

  • Collect data in the field, send it to et cloud for in house reports, database applications or records keeping
  • Barcode reading in et field
  • Product traceability
  • Returns and collections

Easy Log Quality bench Software

Easy to use, fast and reliable EasyLog can record data from Vernier’s, micrometres , multipoint gauges or scales to provide trend analysis, SPC data and automatic alerts directly to your Inbox. Data can be recorded against part numbers, works orders and be interfaced to existing ERP system data

Reports and dashboards

  • Customisable dashboards that can link to virtually any data source
  • Can be displayed on your Intranet, in the could, or on your mobile.
  • Automatic report generation and scheduled emailing of data


  • Take advantage of the latest technologies by streaming data to the cloud for automatic analytics and reporting.
  • Use Machine Learning to predict trends
  • Interface analytics to dashboards either on premises or in the cloud

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